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Norton antivirus gives you advanced and premium security to several devices. It also offers security programs to keep the device secure from multiple online and offline viruses. It is one of the best choices for those who spend most of their time on the internet. You can easily get it from the official website of Norton, and it is supported with all primary devices like Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. If you want to get this ultimate protection for your device, don’t wait to download Norton. Here is the complete guide for downloading, installing, and activating the Norton setup via ''

Quick Directions to create the Norton Account

To create the Norton user account, follow these on-screen steps provided below:

1.      First and foremost, launch the preferred web browser on the device.

2.      After that, go to the URL bar and input '' in it, then hit the Enter button.

3.      Once you get to the Login screen, select the ‘Create a new account tab.

4.      You should type the username in the given section.

5.      Now, you will need to input the same username to validate it.

6.      Further, you will be needed to type the password in the required box.

7.      You should type the first name and last name in the columns.

8.      In case you wish for two-factor confirmation to secure the Norton user account, then select the country code and mention a contact number.

9.      Thereafter, select the preferred region via the list of the drop-down.

10.  You should select the 'Create Account’ button.

11.  Lastly, follow the remaining steps on your screen to complete the process.

Quick Directions to Download and Install the Norton Setup

To download and install the Norton setup, follow these on-screen steps provided below:

1.      First of all, reach the '' official website on the device by inputting in the address bar.

2.      You should select the 'Sign-in to your user account button.

3.      In case you are unable to recall your password and choose the 'Forgot password option.

4.      After that, follow these further instructions to get the new password.

5.      After getting the ‘My Norton’ category, click on the Download button.

6.      Once you download it, follow further steps to complete the method.

7.      You should get the ‘Get Started’ category and choose the ‘Agree and Download’ button.

8.      If you want to install Norton on the smartphone, select the ‘Subscription’ option to download and press the Next option.

9.      Later, go to the downloaded file inside the Downloads folder and click twice on it to launch.

10.  Finally, wait to finish the installation procedure.

Quick Directions to Activate the Norton Setup

To activate the Norton setup, follow these on-screen steps provided below:

1.      Go to your favorite web browser on your device and run it.

2.      Thereafter, type the '' in the URL bar and hit the Enter button.

3.      Navigate to the 'Activate Now' option and press the Next option.

4.      You should reach the 'My Service PIN' option and choose it.

5.      Later, insert the product code of Norton.

6.      Then click on the ‘Activate’ section.

7.      You have to type the device name and press the Activate button.

8.      Finally, close the Activation page by pressing the Finish option.

Quick Directions to Install the Norton Setup on Another Device

To install the Norton setup on another device, follow these on-screen steps provided below:

1.      At first, reach the official Norton website on the device by typing in the address bar:

2.      Thereafter, sign in to the Norton user account by inserting the details.

3.      After getting the Norton subscription page that you wish to extend to different devices; you will need to check on the left-hand side with the subscription of Norton.

4.      In case the user license is left unused, select the Download option.

5.      You will receive a 'Send a download link' option. Select it.

6.      You can select the right arrow symbol to check the email to download the URL after you type the email address to access it via another device.

7.      Alternatively, choose the country appearing inside the drop-down list.

8.      You should type the phone number on the Norton account you wish to receive a text message.

9.      You should click on the right-side arrow symbol.

10.  Later, choose the 'Copy Link' button to copy the download link.

11.  Lastly, go to the QR code show over the screen and scan it to download that app on your device.


Q. How do I get rid of Norton?

Go to the Windows icon and select the ‘All Programs’ option. You should choose the ‘Norton Internet Security’ option. Hit the Uninstall button. Now, pursue the on-screen steps to uninstall Norton Security.

Q. Can you get Norton for free?

You can pick a free trial version of Norton for Windows or Mac.